Deepti Sharma Charlotte Dean controversy continues.

The cricket fraternity regarding, the Deepti Sharma-Charlotte Dean affair appears to continue and dominate news headlines across the world, with many chiming in with their thoughts.

While many opine that Deepti’s actions were entirely legal and within the rules, many English players believe she violated the spirit of the game.

The controversy has continued with many pitching in with their opinions.

Deepti Sharma’s run-out of Charlotte Dean remains one of the biggest talking points in cricket. Deepti’s clever work on the non-striker’s end ensured a 16-run win for India at Lord’s.

Deepti Sharma’s run-out of Charlotte Dean

It was part of a historic 3-0 series victory for the Women in Blue.

While the occurrence was entirely legal and within the rules, it split opinion and elicited a wide range of emotions, particularly among English cricket fans.

Many senior England men’s team players, including James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler, and Ben Stokes, were outraged, as was the English media, claiming it was against the spirit of cricket.’

Ravichandran Ashwin has hit out at the critics of Indian cricketer Deepti Thakur.

Ashwin accused the English of always playing the ‘victim card.

He also asked why questions are being asked to the innocent rather than the one who is guilty.

Ashwin: “People have started asking why are you asking questions to the innocent instead of asking the person who should be guilty”, asked on his YouTube Channel.

Ravichandran Ashwin recalled the social media discourse during the 2021 Ahmedabad Test match about the pitch. He referred to the current actions of a bowler’s revolution.

Ashwin said that a section of people wanted to control the narrative and influence others’ opinions.

Ashwin says it is the duty of the non-striker to stay at the crease when the game gets competitive.

Indian Offspinner, Sushma Verma questioned why no questions were asked about her decision to leave the crease early and hailed Indian skipper Harmanpreet Kaur for backing the players and not recalling the appeal due to boos from the crowd at the Women’s World Cup.

People who have power only control the narratives. Nobody goes to Charlie Dean and asks her why she left the crease, says Ravi Ashwin.

Harmanpreet Kaur deserves kudos more than Deepti Sharma for backing her player, he adds.

If Harmanpreet had withdrawn the appeal just because of the boo from the crowd, it would have been a stigma for Deepti Sharma, as a bowler, a cricketer, and as a person.

She would have lived with the stigma for the rest of her life, he said.

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